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Within Skin (A Bleak Song)
Within Skin (A Bleak Song)
No matter how I try
It’s just never right
Though I may weep and cry
Long into the night
Within this skin I don’t belong
No matter what I’m told,
And so I put down this bleak song
In hopes my will won’t fold
The body is but a shell
Mere vessel for the soul
So why am I put through hell?
Why’s it take this toll?
‘It’s never what, it’s who’
The advice that they all sing
‘You’re fine the way God made you,
‘No need to change a thing.’
They drench to set me on fire
Back and forth in circles they run
They never do seem to tire
Till they proclaim that they’ve won
‘Now speak not again’ they think
‘And maybe he’ll just forget’
While I burn within, and speak
Nothing to the balance upset
And so no matter how I try
It always just feels wrong
And yet no matter what I’m told
I’ll always sing this song
:iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 1 0
His hand trembled badly as he slowly brought the lipstick to the corner of his mouth. As steadily as he could manage, he traced the outline of his lips with the ruby red. He suddenly thought he heard a footstep outside his door, and his hand spasmed, leaving a crimson streak across his chin. Filled with rage, he scrubbed it from his face in one swipe and flung the lipstick against the wall.
This was stupid, and he knew it. He knew there was no good reason for it, and several against it. He didn’t even want to do it. He was better than this, better than them. Why would he want to be more like those freaks, like the freak he once was…
He blinked, and realized he was again holding the lipstick. Moving his lips a bit, he realized he had applied it successfully. Without much thought, he exchanged it for his eyeliner and brushed it over his eyelids. He had put on makeup enough times that he didn’t really need to think about it; in fact, i
:iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 6 1
Big Four Sprites by lTofSMITIA Big Four Sprites :iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 32 0 Computer Meme for Cake by lTofSMITIA Computer Meme for Cake :iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 1 2
The Eight Melodies
Take a melody…
I was Maria’s when she was young. Her mother made me for her. We never ever got tired of playing. We had so much fun. Even when Maria got bigger, she still played with me. Then, when we went to the spaceship, Maria let her son play with me. I had so much fun with him, too. I went back to earth with Maria, and she gave me to her new daughter. I’ve been handed down through the family since then, filled with all their happy songs and memories of childhood.
I am the old baby doll, and I hold the first melody.
Simple as can be…
I was born in the Village long after Maria’s death. My mother told me stories about her, though, handed down from her mother and grandmother, about how Maria used to visit the village and play with the children. She always had a wise lesson to give them, and sometimes even one for the parents. Even today, we all remember her wisdom. She would also sing such pretty songs, and we remember those, too. But I ha
:iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 49 25
Pokemon Darkness: Chapter 26
Pokémon Darkness
Part 3: Sinnoh
Chapter 26: Too Cold
White had hoped that, upon reaching Sinnoh and getting out of the mountains, the air would be less painfully cold. This soon proved not to be the case; if anything, it was getting colder. What she really wanted to think about was how pissed she was at Cipher for everything they had just done, but that was hard to do when her butt was at risk of freezing off. She didn't even want to think about what it would've been like without Reshiram's warmth.
Unfortunately, when they finally landed in a town Cynthia indicated, she had too. She couldn't even begin to imagine how any human being could possibly live here. Looking around, she saw that Cheren and Claire were also shivering, but they, at least, had pants and a jacket. N, Wes, and Petrel didn't seem too perturbed, however, and Cynthia and Triton were entirely unfazed.
"Everyone, this is Sandgem Town," Cynthia announced. "Sinnoh's top Pokémon Professor is here. The C
:iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 5 7
Pokemon Darkness: Interlude (2)
Pokémon Darkness
Interlude: A Closed Door
In an objective sort of way, Bianca knew that traveling through the PC as data wasn't pleasant. She didn't particularly care, though. What did "pleasantness" matter, after all? What was it, really?
When she regained all of her senses, she was in a room much like the one she had left. There was nothing very extraordinary about it. It simply was. An equally unextraordinary man approached her. He was reluctant to do so, Bianca thought. That likely had something to do with the Verborden swarming around her. She knew the Corruption Pokémon induced fear. She had feared them. She could almost recall the sensation. But not quite.
The man called her to go out of the cage of Verborden. She opened the door and did so. The man quickly slammed the door shut, before any Verborden could escape. He introduced himself as Cipher's most brilliant scientist, Charon. Bianca stared at him until his bragging tapered off, and he led her to another room.
:iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 4 6
The Chosen Four, Ready for Battle by lTofSMITIA The Chosen Four, Ready for Battle :iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 0 2 The Little Boy with Psychic Powers by lTofSMITIA The Little Boy with Psychic Powers :iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 1 0 A Friend You've Never Met by lTofSMITIA A Friend You've Never Met :iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 1 0 That Genius Jeff by lTofSMITIA That Genius Jeff :iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 1 0 Prince Poo of Dalaam by lTofSMITIA Prince Poo of Dalaam :iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 2 2 'Fuzzy Pickles!' by lTofSMITIA 'Fuzzy Pickles!' :iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 3 2 Bein' Friends by lTofSMITIA Bein' Friends :iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 2 5 Stargazer and Moon Chaser by lTofSMITIA Stargazer and Moon Chaser :iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 2 3
Pokemon Darkness: Chapter 25
Pokémon Darkness
Part 2: Kanto
Chapter 25: Verborden
Claire truthfully felt lucky to be approaching Cipher's Mountain Base at N's side. Her mom had been dead-set against her going, and had required much persuasion, mostly on her dad's part, to allow it. Claire hadn't said much for her argument, but inwardly wanted little more than to help finish off Cipher in Kanto. She wanted to have an impact again. She wanted to help.
"Stay close to me, Claire," her mom muttered for the fourth time. Claire certainly didn't need to be told that; she had no intention of leaving her parents' side. Together they were safe. Together they could tear through Cipher.
"We have almost reached the facility!" N proclaimed. Cheren said something to N, though Claire couldn't hear what, and they seemed to argue briefly before Cheren pulled back a few paces irritably. Claire noticed that N and White were sticking together much like Claire and her family were, and wondered if that might've had som
:iconltofsmitia:lTofSMITIA 5 11

Random Favourites

FlutterDash: Up here... by KandiiKitsune FlutterDash: Up here... :iconkandiikitsune:KandiiKitsune 109 16 Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy by HeinousFlame Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy :iconheinousflame:HeinousFlame 37 0 MLP - Flutterdash by acidic-fire MLP - Flutterdash :iconacidic-fire:acidic-fire 1,566 102 Mlp: ... close friendship by alcasar-reich Mlp: ... close friendship :iconalcasar-reich:alcasar-reich 170 21 Flutterpillow by SmockHobbes Flutterpillow :iconsmockhobbes:SmockHobbes 286 80 Pinkhaired girls make me DIZZY by just-agu Pinkhaired girls make me DIZZY :iconjust-agu:just-agu 438 103 Protect by ValiumAngel Protect :iconvaliumangel:ValiumAngel 357 69
Rainbow's Best Cheerer
"Um, is it ready?" Fluttershy was pacing anxiously around Rarity's sewing room eagerly waiting her surprise for Rainbow Dash to be finished.
The white unicorn could only laugh, "Almost finished. You still have yet to tell me why you need such a gaudy thing."
Fluttershy looked down slightly embarrassed, "well, my cheering is too weak, so I thought if Rainbow Dash could see how much I support her it would make up for it."
"Well, given the thought you put into this, I'm certain she will appreciate it." Rarity continued to sew and then after a few minutes, "there, it is finally finished."
"Yay," Fluttershy hugged Rarity, "thank you very much. I can't wait to show Rainbow." She packed the items into her saddlebags and made her way out of the boutique. On her way out she passed Sweetie Belle, "how are your plans coming along, Sweetie Belle?"
The white unicorn filly looked up from her coloring, "oh, hi Fluttershy. I think the girls and I have run out of ideas for what to do in search for our
:iconpatroison:PatRoison 90 160
A Quiet Confession
"No Pinkie," Rainbow said, "I'm not doing it!"
"But Dashie," Pinkie protested, "If you don't tell her you'll never be happy."
"I know," Rainbow said looking down, "But Fluttershy's been my friend since we were fillies. She knows everything about me." There was more to it than that. Fluttershy was the only pony who Rainbow could drop the brave face and allow herself to be vulnerable. 'Fluttershy let's me just be me,' Rainbow thought, 'I love her, but I can't.' She shook her head and said flatly, "I ask too much from Fluttershy as it is. I can't ask this from her."
"But," Pinkie said, "What if she likes you too?" She remembered the day Rainbow told her she was in love with Fluttershy. Rainbow had returned from a picnic with Fluttershy and looked sad. When Pinkie asked her what was bothering her, Rainbow swore her to secrecy and told her that she was in love with Fluttershy. Pinkie was stunned and asked if she told her and she began to cry. Pinkie had never seen Rainbow cry and this just
:iconpatroison:PatRoison 167 227
MLP : FiM - Let's Fly by meadow-rue MLP : FiM - Let's Fly :iconmeadow-rue:meadow-rue 3,890 266 Love from Above by LittleTiger488 Love from Above :iconlittletiger488:LittleTiger488 693 51 More AppleDash by Blackkaries More AppleDash :iconblackkaries:Blackkaries 972 209 AppleDash Kiss Commission by johnjoseco AppleDash Kiss Commission :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 1,851 244 Appledash by minimoose772 Appledash :iconminimoose772:minimoose772 293 28 AppleDash, friendly love by Vasillium AppleDash, friendly love :iconvasillium:Vasillium 222 37


My first real critique; I'll just do my best... The sheer brightness of the picture is what hit me first, as soon as it showed up in my...


...basically, don't be. I won't go into detail now, but the Universe has been conspiring against it for the past few months. Either I'd be stuck with a plothole or just a dull scene, or I would actually be incapable of writing it for a practical reason or I would be having unrelated personal issues. Basically, lots of bad stuff.

But I've been making good progress on it now. In fact, the next chapter is already done. HOWEVER. I am not going to submit it yet. These few months have taught me that I really do need to write ahead, and not just submit as I go. I think it's a better idea to just make this already-long hiatus linger on a bit longer and have greater stability in the future than to just get you guys one or two more chapters and possible no more for another few months.

Like I've said from the beginning, though, I'm not going to stop writing it until it's done. That's just that. If you're every worried that's going to happen, just don't be. Hiatuses may (let's be honest here, will) occur, but I will see this story through to its end. If nothing else, have faith in that, o few fans of mine.

Just thought you guys deserved an update after all this time. I am really sorry.

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^^^ Saturn coffee... Boing.

I have no name. I am of the mysteriousness. You may call me lTofSmitia, or just lT.
(That's a lowercase L and capital T, not capital I T)

It just occurred to me that I haven't edited this since I first wrote it, and its accuracy has faded. So, newness!

As should be evident, I'm a writer! I've written a 280 page novel, in fact, with this deviationless idiot: EmpyreanJester2. This account is for fanfiction, mostly Pokemon Darkness, at the moment. A oneshot might occasionally arise (or twoshot, ala Those Violet Eyes). Most likely, this would be MLP or Mother related.

paucae res amo:

Harry Potter!! Been an avid fan since first grade :)

Stephen King!! I love his work; he is my idol :iconbowplz:

Star Wars!! I still play with my action figures ^_^

Pokemon!!! No contest for best replay value in a game. In case the obscenely long fanfiction didn't tip you off that I like it xD

Mother!! Also known as EarthBound. Strange, funny, and heartrending. You seriously do not understand my love for these games. Take a melody, simple as can be, give it some words and, sweet harmony~

Mario games!! especially the rpgs, Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi. Paper Mario 64 was the origin of my name, lT :'D

The Legend of Zelda!! Do not even begin to question my timeline theory.

Metroid!!! Especially the Prime Trilogy, such greatness. I love telling a story with minimal dialogue.

Portal!! So many great quotes... "We pretended we were going to murder you." Seriously, those are some of the only games that are pretty much perfect.

TV Tropes Wiki!!! I could seriously waste an entire day just wandering that wonderful wonderful site :)

El Goonish Shive!!! A funny, epic, and bizarre webcomic that's full of awesome

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!!! Greatest. Show. Ever. And that's all there is to it.

and last but not least, legolas by laura!!! Absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the greatest fanfic ever written. THAT IS GANDALF AND STRDIER.

and with that, I leave you to go and read my writings :)

Current Residence: Sinnoh

Personal Quote: Why not love?

Well would you look at that. I'm
My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
Hosted By Anime

...but according to this one I'm
Which My Little Pony Are You?
Which My Little Pony Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Which I guess kinda makes sense, because I'm half nerdy, smart, rationalist, and scientific, and half hippie, compassionate, transcendentalist, and nature-loving. Which isn't always the best combination :P

Awesome real life friends with dAs:


and another person


Some really awesome peoples whom I met on dA:

:iconalexwarlorn: :icondarkknightwolf2011: :iconpokemonprincess1993: :iconkiddopolis: :iconsenremo: :iconchivi-chivik:


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